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  • Handmade poetry book


    Discover the world of Retrogrades. 

    Navigate the pages as you traverse the intricate path of finding your home and your place in the city. These poems delve into the intricate complexities of not belonging, battling inner demons, and confronting the shadows of anxiety and depression. The book is illustrated with cyanotype prints accompanying the words, painting a vivid portrayal of the city's emotions.


    Inspired by the EP: RETROGRADES


    Verses by Geiste is a collection of poetry books inspired by my EPs. 

    Written by Geiste

    Illustrated by Geiste


    Book II - Book Cover by Cécile Vaubourzeix

                     Inside Cover illustration by Felix d'Ornano


    The book cover is made with recycled paper, the pages are handsewn with linen thread and individually binded by me (with love ❄) 

    When shipped, I pack them with recycled craft paper and send them in a cardboard envelope. 

    Verses by Geiste - BOOK II

    • Format: A6

      Number of pages: 36

      Weight 25g

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