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Handmade poetry book


Immerse yourself into Chapter III. 

Dive into verses that resonate with the upheaval of anger, the yearning for reclaiming power in a fractured society, and the search for hope within the human spirit. The poems navigate the turbulent waters of death, violence, protests, and dreams, while facing the tempest of emotions within.


Inspired by the EP: ASHES


Verses by Geiste is a collection of poetry books inspired by my EPs. 

Written by Geiste

Illustrated by Geiste


Book III - Book Cover by Cécile Vaubourzeix.


The book cover is made with recycled paper, the pages are handsewn with linen thread and individually binded by me (with love ❂) 

When shipped, I pack them with recycled craft paper and send them in a cardboard envelope. 

Verses by Geiste - BOOK III

December 15th
  • Format: A6

    Number of pages: 36

    Weight: 25g

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